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http://www.rg.ru/2010/08/13/draka-site.html - Офицеры ответили за массовую драку военных в Подмосковьеla
http://www.rg.ru/2010/04/28/zakon.html - В МВД поступило 300 предложений в новый законопроект "О милиции"

we in Canada need normal workers in Security, I do beleive it is the same for the USA

Police in North America is simply "band-formirovanije" with all it's attribute, the same is Army

But it is impossible to teach old dog new tricks, just by reading the books or speak with consultants

Only one way to manage this part of the world is to generate "COOPERATIVE LEARNING-Practicum included" environment, which means, that knowledge must be trunsfered through Practicum, Community, office work,

the same as Apprentice program works for trade.

police and army here is in the learning environment, where work is considered simply " catch fish, slender name,, write bolshit after incident, and support any prostitute, any civil female worker with behavioral deviations where woman acts and thinks as hooker,

prostitutes here everywhere, from police to the wife of Prime Minister Stefen Harper

Man'ka   Obligacija from movie "mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzja" made perfect copy of 99 % of women here, some might hide this by early marriage and   "let's make babies, body", but this kind of mind set penetrates all business and social thinking

Men and woman zaodno, they simply even do not understand why it is bad

To say something good about canadian police, is that they are fast learner's

They grasp ideas fast, even if they have commas, like
Human Rights are:
But we have to take into consideration the:
1 Health condition of those who disturb public order
2 Family background
3 Family relationship
4 Luck of good with high discipline and obidience day cares and schools, colleges
5 Need to select   teachers and create different environment for them to teach: uniform is first, no free choice in shool clothing, that leads to early onset  of  sexuality, that in local teens create early psychoses, use of drugs and disrespect to own mothers who DID THAT HORRBLE THING, and this is how I was born. as a result O self-respect and psychopathic behavior, that with 1 dose of illigal drug makes them classical schizofrenic type-manipulative, torturing, sadistic, enjoying to distroy, vreditelstvo etc.

Without  cooperation it is impossible to have secure world, this people go to army, police, nursing professions, engineering, etc
We already have  miserable western professionals, who eager to distroy anything good

And Hirosima and Nagasaki was bombed also at the time when RED DISTRICTS with hookers, escort girls from newspapers, simple restorants were extrimly active.

Their ass is itching now to, although it is new generation, but First Law teaching still easily passed from mother to daughter, and now:radio, TV,newspapers, magazines, advertizements  are selling human images, that do not show any sighn of intelligence, basically it is part of human sales of those whos decendants came to america illigally, throug human trafficing and slaves sales (not only  africans was sold, but free women etc) They sale themselves still everyday, and it is considered appropriate in the society.

Because of that Policemens are usually extrimly rude, insaulting, abusing, controlling, sadistic, and playing dumb and stupiy to put you down.

They do that, becase they never see anything better, or other way.

It is better uvidet odin raz, chem uslishat 100 raz.

I would rather prefer to deal with milicioner rom Russian school of security, that any ethnic, but trained in America, security officer-this is better that police or milicia for this part of the world.

Policai tut vseh zaebaly, toli tupije, toli nataskani vesti sebja kak policai fashistskije.
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03 January 2009 @ 10:07 am

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20 December 2008 @ 11:09 pm
Поздравляю с Днем Рождения
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